Manuel clarifies 'crying' comment

Manuel clarifies 'crying' comment

MILWAUKEE -- Manager Charlie Manuel said on Wednesday that teams think the Phillies steal signs because the Phillies beat them.

"That's why," he said at Coors Field. "Keep crying."

Rockies manager Jim Tracy, whose team filed a complaint with Major League Baseball after catching bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer using binoculars in the top of the second inning on Monday, took umbrage on Thursday with Manuel's comment.

"There was a suggestion made that we should stop crying, that we're complaining about it because we got beat," Tracy said. "We're complaining about it because it's wrong, OK? And when I read a statement that [the Phillies] are using binoculars to check their catcher and how he's setting up and things like that, then you should use the binoculars when your team is on defense and not offense, OK?"

Manuel tried to clear the air on Friday at Miller Park, saying that he wasn't referring to the Rockies.

"I shouldn't have said a word, but I didn't say anything about Colorado or anything about him crying or anything like that," he said. "If I did something, I'll definitely talk to [Tracy], but I didn't say anything about Colorado. I didn't say anything about that particular game. ... At the same time, I shouldn't have said nothing. Usually, I say we'll take care of that by beating them. I'll let Louisville talk to them."

-- Todd Zolecki