Rotation keys Rockies' torrid run

Rotation keys Rockies' torrid run

DENVER -- The Rockies' rotation was so dependable during its last turn that even the pitchers who struggled felt good about it.

Beginning with Ubaldo Jimenez's win against Houston on May 20, the rotation is 5-1 in the club's last seven games.

"Our team usually feeds off each other in general, and, now that the starting pitching is starting to come around, each one of us is taking the mound every day realizing we've got to do what everyone else is doing, and that's giving us a chance to win ballgames," starting pitcher Aaron Cook said.

Cook (1-3, 5.40), who pitched four scoreless innings in his most recent start against the Royals before allowing four runs in the fifth, emerged without a decision but knew his comrades would pitch well again in the following days.

"We realize that we're all in this together," he said. "It's not all one person. I went out there and had a horrible fifth, but [Rockies manager Jim Tracy] got the bullpen to come in and pick me up, and we won the game, which is the important thing."

Young pitchers such as Jhoulys Chacin (3-2, 3.09) and Jason Hammel (2-3, 6.93) earned wins this week, sandwiched around Jimenez (9-1, 0.88).

"It happened last year, too," Hammel said. "We had the 11-game win streak right around this time. Whatever we can do to keep it close gives us a chance to score some runs and win."