Stewart tries to pinpoint puzzling slump

Stewart tries to pinpoint puzzling slump

DENVER -- Rockies third baseman Ian Stewart's game-tying home run in the ninth inning of Wednesday night's 8-6 victory over the Red Sox was -- he hopes, at least -- the end of a slump that the slugger still has a difficult time explaining.

Stewart entered Thursday night's game 7-for-42 (.167) in June. He had been in and out of the lineup while trying to regain his swing, but he went 2-for-4 on Wednesday.

"There wasn't anything wrong with me physically or anything like that," Stewart said. "It's hard to explain.

"I'd see some pitching that I knew I could hit, but I'd let them go by or I'd miss them -- or I'd look for a pitch one place and it would go somewhere else."

Stewart is capable of being streaky, having hit .293 with four home runs in April. Last year, he alternately went through periods of hitting for high power and low average, finishing at .228 but with 25 home runs and 70 RBIs.

After working on consistency and seeing results for this season's first month, Stewart admitted that frustration set in.

"It's something that I hope is at its end," Stewart said. "It was a grind, coming to the park every day and knowing that what should be happening wasn't happening. I'm hoping now I can settle down and just hit."