Street expects to be able to pitch on Thursday

Street expects to be able to pitch on Thursday

DENVER -- Huston Street knows that if he has to be carted to the hospital for a bruise, he's going to hear it in the clubhouse.

Hear it, he has.

The Rockies closer returned to Coors Field on Wednesday evening after being struck by a line drive during batting practice before Tuesday's series opener against the Pirates. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a right abdominal contusion. In other words, as Street said, it's a bruise. Nothing more.

"I'm already laughing on it," Street said. "I've already been made fun of about 50,000 times. Any time you go to the hospital, and the next day in the paper it says, 'He went with a bruise,' and they call an ambulance, you have to wear it."

Street was too sore to throw Wednesday and wasn't available in the Rockies' 6-2 loss to the Pirates. But he said he expects to throw at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday before the 1:10 p.m. series finale and has all intentions of being able to pitch.

"Where it hit, they had to make sure I can still have kids," Street said Wednesday. "They did an ultrasound on my 'guy region,' a CT scan to make sure there weren't any broken bones or anything. The pain I was having was my femoral nerve just turned on for whatever reason."

Rockies trainer Keith Dugger said Street fainted "two or three" times from the pain before being taken off on Tuesday. Street said he suffers from Vasovagal responses, which often include fainting under particular circumstances, such as intense pain or shots.

"For whatever reason, it kicked in," Street said. "God designed me that way, and my body reacted, but the injury itself is not an injury. When you pass out, it becomes a bigger production. For me, it's annoying. "

The closer already spent much of the season on the disabled list with shoulder and groin injuries before being activated on June 22. Since, he has converted on six of seven save opportunities.