Rockies' bullpen going through change

Rockies' bullpen going through change

PHOENIX -- There was no grand pronouncement from Rockies manager Jim Tracy, but lately there has been a changing of the guard in the bullpen. Recent callup Matt Reynolds is receiving more late-game action, and veteran Joe Beimel has moved to an earlier spot.

Beimel stood out during the first half of the year, but his ERA has climbed from 2.20 through July 22 to 3.38 going into Wednesday night's game against the D-backs. Meanwhile, Reynolds, who made his debut on Aug. 19, has held opposing left-handed hitters to .167 since Sept. 9.

At this stage of the season there are still important situations for Beimel, since the expanded roster allows Tracy to play to situations earlier in games. But Reynolds has earned his late-game status.

"There was never a conversation," Reynolds said. "It just kind of as I've thrown more and more, it seemed more and more things kind of shifted. I still feel like I'm in kind of an anytime situation. I take it as it is. Whatever role they put me in, I go in there."

Tracy had method to his usage of Reynolds, who went 1-3 with a 2.62 ERA and seven saves in 50 games for Triple-A Colorado Springs.

"I just didn't throw him into the lion's mouth -- I've never done that with a young player," Tracy said. "I let the young player, by giving him the opportunity, dictate where he belongs as we go along. With the opportunities that I gave him early on, he just got people out.

"Joe has not been as sharp as he was earlier in the year, but he still has been a usable entity for us, but a little bit earlier."