Rockies shut down Young for rest of season

Rockies shut down Young for rest of season

DENVER -- Rockies manager Jim Tracy said second baseman Eric Young Jr., who missed the majority of the season with a right tibia stress fracture, is experiencing soreness in the same area and likely will not play the rest of the season.

"I don't think you're going to see him any more this year," Tracy said. "We're going to back off of him. I know we're going to do an MRI just to make sure it isn't more than what we already know we're dealing with.

"We're not going to push this to the point where it becomes a serious issue."

Since being called up on Aug. 14, Young has emerged as the Rockies' everyday second baseman and leadoff man. On Tuesday, rookie Chris Nelson started at second base and was No. 2 in the lineup behind center fielder Dexter Fowler.

"There's been a lot of intrigue on my part, even not here just recently, but going back to Spring Training," Tracy said of Nelson, who has started just one game this season and was made famous by his steal of home against the Reds on Sept. 9.

Young registered 11 multi-hit games since Aug. 14 and his 13 stolen bases in 38 games are tied for first in the National League in that span. Nelson is hitting .429 with four runs since he was called up on Aug. 5, notching a hit in five of his 12 Major League contests.

He's no stranger to dramatics, as his first Major League at-bat on June 19 resulted in his first big league run and the go-ahead score of a Rockies 8-7 victory. His steal of home was his first career steal.

"We're just going to look for a spot and if it makes sense, we want to get him out there and give him a look-see," Tracy said of Nelson. "I just get a strong sense from Chris Nelson that baseball is a lot more important to him than any time I saw him in 2009. So I think we need to play this out and see where it goes."