Tracy issues challenge to Rockies

Tracy issues challenge to Rockies

Tracy issues challenge to Rockies
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Rockies manager Jim Tracy used the theater room -- one of the key features of new Salt River Fields at Talking Stick -- to drive home his points in his address to the club Wednesday, before the first full-squad workout.

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Video coordinator Brian Jones formulated a presentation based on key numbers relating to the 2010 Rockies.

"Some of the intriguing numbers I put up with no explanation next to them, I asked them if they knew what those numbers represented," Tracy said. "One of them was 833. Somebody later told me when we went outside to stretch was that was how many runs we scored last year. I said, 'No, that's how many days we were on the disabled list.'"

There were other key numbers.

"We had the number 58, which was the number of one-run games we played last year," Tracy said. "We had right behind that the number 30, because that's how many times we got beat by one run last year. We had the number 10 up there, which was the number of times we had ninth-inning leads, got beat and walked off on the road.

"And yet, all that being said, we were 82-66 on Sept. 19 and playing a game to tie for first -- that we led by five runs in the third inning."

Tracy's point was the Rockies have learned to deal with adversity. Now they must bridge the gap between a tough club with some success and a club that reaches the ultimate level of success.

"There's an air about them, the way they go about their business, that strongly suggests to me they realize some very special places we've been together over the past few years," Tracy said. "Basically, the bottom line is this: What we've done and what this organization has accomplished over the last four years with a National League championship, a Wild Card championship and three winning seasons over the last four years, two of which we've won 90 to 90-plus games, we know how to be good.

"The challenge that was set forth today was, are we willing to make the commitment to be great?"