Cole OK, but sits after being hit during BP

Batted ball richocheted off another before striking Rockies' third-base coach

Cole OK, but sits after being hit during BP

DENVER -- Rockies third-base coach Stu Cole was taken to the hospital after being struck in the head by a ball while throwing batting practice prior to Tuesday night's 10-5 loss to the Cardinals. Tests were negative, and Cole returned to Coors Field before the end of the game and met with the other coaches.

Infielder Cristhian Adames was fielding ground balls and tossed one in, but that ball ricocheted off a batted ball and hit Cole. Cole rejoined the team Wednesday, but he will not resume coaching until Thursday's game in Los Angeles.

"We've got doctor's orders that Stu has to sit down one more day. We're going to put a double-ear-flapped helmet on him and put him in the corner over there and make fun of him," Rockies manager Walt Weiss joked. "He's doing well. I wouldn't be making fun of him if he wasn't doing well."

In Cole's absence, first-base coach Eric Young moved to third base, while special assistant Vinny Castilla served as the first-base coach for Tuesday and Wednesday's games.

"I've seen two balls collide in the air on a few occasions, but I've never seen somebody get hit by one of them," Weiss said. "I don't think I'll ever see that again. He got hit pretty hard, so he got his bell rung for sure. We want to keep him off his feet ... but everything checked out all right."

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