Fowler on a tear since adding leg kick

Fowler on a tear since adding leg kick

Fowler on a tear since adding leg kick
CINCINNATI -- Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler changed his walk-up song to Chris Brown's "My Last" after returning from Triple-A Colorado Springs earlier this season.

More importantly, he has played with the all-out attitude of the song, which has the artist engaging in various acts of revelry, "like it's my last."

Fowler's attitude helped with a change in his action in the batter's box. Rockies hitting coach Carney Lansford suggested that Fowler add a leg kick to the beginning of his swing. He incorporated it during a July 19 hitting session before he knocked three hits against the Braves. In 20 games since adding the leg kick, he has hit .363 with six triples, five doubles and 12 RBIs. He has 20 strikeouts to 12 walks in 80 at-bats during that span, but he is doing far more damage than at the beginning of the year.

"I started it the second group of BP that first day and got three hits, and it's been going ever since," Fowler said. "Carney came up to me in early hitting, the second round, and said, 'Try this.' I tried it. It felt good. I stuck with it.

"You never know. But whatever I do, I always do 100 percent."

Also, Fowler was 2-for-8 on steal attempts in 57 games before being sent to Colorado Springs. Since his return on July 15, he is 6-for-8.

The difference?

"I'm running," Fowler said. "Earlier in the year I got thrown out on a lot of hit-and-runs. Right now I'm actually wanting to steal a base."