Escalona unavailable after marathon affair

Escalona unavailable after marathon affair

DENVER -- The Rockies used a season-high 22 players in their 13-inning win over the Dodgers on Saturday, so it was no surprise that Rockies manager Jim Tracy deemed some players "off limits" on Sunday.

Chief among them was right-handed pitcher Edgmer Escalona, who was the only relief pitcher who didn't see action on Saturday. Escalona, though, threw 61 pitches in long relief in Friday's opener, and he's thrown 118 overall in the last five days.

"Escalona cannot be touched," Tracy said.

The manager said right-hander Josh Roenicke, who threw 41 pitches over two innings in victory, would be used only if the Rockies were "absolutely down to cinders."

"You maybe reconsider him for a very, very short stint," Tracy said.

Sunday's starter, veteran right-hander Kevin Millwood, is the right pitcher to follow a marathon game, according to Tracy.

"He knows what took place yesterday," Tracy said. "Millwood's standing in [the dugout] knowing, 'Whether I'm good or not, I've got some work to do [on Sunday] because there won't be a lot of help for me early.' I don't have to walk in and tell him that. I guarantee you that. He's already aware of that."