Torrealba returns to lineup

Torrealba returns to lineup

PHOENIX -- Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba really thought he'd ended his early-season slump with three hits, including a home run, Tuesday night against the Braves. But then ...

"Brandon Webb gave me a wakeup call, saying, 'You're not as ready as you thought you were,'" Torrealba said, finally able to smile about the 0-for-3 he took on Friday night, before sitting out Saturday.

Torrealba, hitting .207, returned to the lineup for Sunday afternoon's game with the Diamondbacks.

In addition to battling his own hitting issues, Torrealba is trying to help the pitching staff through a difficult beginning. But he isn't blaming the slow offensive start on the concentration it's taking to help his pitchers.

"To me, that's my focus -- helping my pitchers as much as possible," Torrealba said. "I try hard to help them through the stuff that's affecting them.

"But on offense, I just have to keep working hard. I need to get my stroke back like I had it in Spring Training. It was the best Spring Training of my career."

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