Rockies seeking place for Pacheco's bat

Rockies seeking place for Pacheco's bat

Rockies seeking place for Pacheco's bat
TEMPE, Ariz. -- Jordan Pacheco doesn't mind the various projects the Rockies have assigned him. He has transitioned from a college infielder to a catcher adept at blocking low pitches.

Third base is a work in progress, but he has made multiple impressive plays over the past week of Spring Training, and he can fill in at first base.

All of this allows Pacheco to do what's most comfortable for him -- hit.

Pacheco added two more hits Monday against the Angels to lift his Cactus League batting average to .447. His hitting from the right side puts Pacheco, who hit .286 in his 22-game Major League debut last year, in line for his first career Opening Day roster spot. Pacheco is happy he arrived at camp in a groove.

"Every guy can attest to this; when things are going good, they're going good and everybody knows it," Pacheco said. "When things are going bad, you've got to stick to what you know and just keep pushing forward. Baseball is an up-and-down sport."

Depending on how the Rockies form their roster, Pacheco could begin the year as a backup catcher or a utility bat and third catcher. As the No. 2 catcher, he would play often because Ramon Hernandez will turn 36 on May 20, and needs more rest than a younger starting catcher.

Pacheco has developed a decent comfort level at catcher, a position he didn't play until 2008.

"I took it at the beginning as an opportunity, and I feel more comfortable back there," he said. "Every year it gets a little bit easier and I have a great coaching staff, plus with veteran catchers around, all you have to do is listen."

Third base continues to be a work in progress. Pacheco started at third on Monday and made a couple of plays that required nice range, but committed a pair of errors in the sixth inning. He spent extra time on the field Sunday with third-base coach and infield instructor Rich Dauer working on his first-step quickness.