Tracy wants to quell Jimenez dialogue

Tracy wants to quell Jimenez dialogue

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Throughout the spring, hard feelings from the trade that sent pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez from the Rockies to the Indians have bubbled to the surface. But Rockies manager Jim Tracy wants to push those into the background.

In various interviews, Jimenez, who will start for the Indians against the Rockies on Sunday, has discussed being upset that the Rockies didn't extend his contract but did reach lucrative agreements with shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Jimenez also smarted at being sent out to pitch a game against the Padres when it was clear that the trade was going to happen within moments.

In response, Tulowitzki and Gonzalez fired back that they were hurt Jimenez seemed to want to be traded as the Rockies struggled last season.

In recent weeks, the Rockies have stopped discussing the situation. Tracy had no interest in discussing the saga Saturday.

"Go back to 2007, go back to 2009 and go back to the first half of 2010, there were some special days out there on the field with him on the mound," Tracy said. "I just really wish that all the other stuff. ... Let's get that put to bed, because it's not doing anybody any good. It was over and done with at the end of July last year. Everybody needs to move on."