Rockies confident Chacin will rebound

Rockies confident Chacin will rebound

DENVER -- The good news is there is no unforeseen reason that Rockies right-hander Jhoulys Chacin pitched poorly in Monday's home opener. He gave up four runs and threw 90 pitches in just four innings of the 7-0 loss to the Giants.

Although he is 3-11 since last June 27, manager Jim Tracy is not in panic mode. On occasion, even when he was struggling last year, he fixed his bad habit and threw fine for a small stretch.

On Monday, Chacin gave up a two-run, first-inning homer to Pablo Sandoval, which was no cause for shame. The third inning, when he walked three and gave up two runs, was a concern. A single through the middle and a grounder that didn't produce a double play drove in what Tracy called "easy runs."

"This is something we've dealt with going back to last year," Tracy said. "In his delivery he has a tendency to run away from his arm. You start to see the arm-side misses up and away, like we did on Monday. He's mindful of that.

"But it's one start, and we'll get him ready to go with his next start. Hopefully with his bullpen session, we'll get him to where he'll be more consistent."