Rosario prohibited from wearing white gear

Rosario prohibited from wearing white gear

DENVER -- Rockies rookie catcher Wilin Rosario's plan to wear predominately white catching gear with the home uniform was nixed by Major League Baseball, Rosario said before Wednesday night's game against the Giants.

Rosario, who wore a well-received ensemble featuring a silver chest protector and shin guards with the road gray uniform in Houston in the season-opening series, wore a chest protector heavily decorated with white features at Double-A Tulsa last year.

"I don't know why," Rosario said. "They told me I could wear white in the Minors but not in the Majors. It's OK. I still get to wear my purple mask. The fans like that."

An MLB spokesman said the new Basic Agreement includes the following in its uniform regulations: "Catchers' shin guards and chest protectors may not contain any white (other than the corporate logo)."

The spokesman said it's a safety concern. A white ball against the background of white catcher's gear poses challenges, such as for fielders seeing the ball off the bat.

Uniform regulations are administered by MLB's on-field operations department, led by Joe Garagiola Jr.