Cuddyer appreciates playing at Coors Field

Cuddyer appreciates playing at Coors Field

DENVER -- Rockies outfielder Michael Cuddyer is happy to have a home park that's inviting to his swing.

When the Twins, his team for the past 11 seasons, moved from the Metrodome to Target Field in 2010, the large right-center gap that seemed built for his swing was not there.

Cuddyer signed a three-year deal with the Rockies over the winter, and Wednesday night showed why. Cuddyer drove three doubles in the Rockies' 17-8 victory over the Giants. He will have to deal with the claustrophobia Rockies hitters have experienced on the road over the years, but he just might be prepared for it.

"I had basically the opposite in Minnesota; at home was a tough place, and on the road it got bigger," Cuddyer said. "But the thing is you go to other parks for three games at a time, then you get out of there. Then you come home for six, or nine, or whatever it is.

"I don't think when you go on the road, your home park has as much to do with it as when you play in a pitcher's park. When you play [home games] in a pitcher's park, you've got to change your game, change your swing."