Reynolds stems tide to notch first win of 2012

Reynolds stems tide to notch first win of 2012

DENVER -- Rockies left-handed relief pitcher Matt Reynolds saw runners crossing the plate at a dizzying rate Wednesday night, but maintained his equilibrium when asked to stop the flow of Giants runs.

Reynolds warmed up quickly as Jeremy Guthrie was giving up six runs in the fourth inning. Reynolds gave up one more while putting that inning to bed, with the Rockies down, 7-6. The Rockies took a 9-7 lead in the bottom of the frame, then Reynolds established some normalcy by shutting down the Giants in the fifth. He walked the second hitter of the inning, Brandon Belt, but ended the inning with two ground balls.

It was good enough for his first win of the season.

"At first I just wanted to stop the bleeding," Reynolds said. "I had to get warmed up in a hurry because the game snowballed. It all happened really quick. I didn't have time to think about it. Afte we came back the next inning, that was the time I really focused and made sure I had a shutdown inning to get us back in the dugout swinging the bats again."

One key for Reynolds is not to become intimidated by his own park. That's not easy when the numbers are piling up and reminding folks that Coors Field is an extreme hitter's park.

"You try not to have that mentality," Reynolds said. "You focus on making pitches, trusting that if you make a good pitch you're going to get guys out."