Cuddyer adjusting to Coors Field

Cuddyer adjusting to Coors Field

Cuddyer adjusting to Coors Field
DENVER -- Right fielder Michael Cuddyer said Monday one of the challenges of coming to the Rockies after 11 seasons with the Twins is learning Coors Field.

"There's a lot of ground that you have to cover, and I got the smaller part of the park," Cuddyer said. "One thing for me, even though the wall is out there and I'm used to playing with the wall behind me, the wall [in Minnesota] is closer. I could play a ball off the wall, and try to throw the batter out at second. Here, because it's so deep, that doesn't present itself all that often unless it's a line drive and a perfect bounce.

"Where I would get in trouble is if there's a man on first. In Minnesota, I could play the ball off the wall and try to get the out at second, knowing the other man is not going to score from first. Here, I can't do that. It's so deep, the guy could score. It doesn't take too long to learn it. I haven't seen every bounce that can possibly happen out there, but you can't prepare for everything."

Cuddyer said playing hitters has come quicker, mainly because the Twins faced National League West teams last year, so he has some fresh information. He also saw quite a bit of the division in Spring Training.

On Monday, however, Cuddyer could learn by watching. He was not in the Rockies' starting lineup for just the second time in 22 games this season. Last time, however, he came off the bench for a pinch-hit, game-winning RBI single on April 20 against the Brewers.

Cuddyer went 2-for-10 with an RBI and five walks in three games against the Mets. For much of the season, he was the Rockies' hottest hitter. Cuddyer will be back in the lineup for Tuesday and Wednesday, against Dodgers left-handed starters Ted Lilly and Clayton Kershaw.

"His challenge here, playing at altitude, and the way he goes about his business, it's starting to waver a little bit," manager Jim Tracy said. "Rather than wait until he gets totally exhausted and really waste a day off, be proactive and do it right now."

Tyler Colvin started in right field.

Jonathan Herrera also started at third base instead of Chris Nelson, who doubled in Sunday's 7-6 loss to the Mets but missed the previous three games to nurse a sore left wrist. Tracy also said Herrera will start a game at second during the series with the Dodgers to rest Marco Scutaro.