Tracy competes in local dog 'race'

Tracy competes in local dog 'race'

DENVER -- A relaxed Jim Tracy arrived at Coors Field in jeans, a "Furry Scurry" T-shirt and what Jason Giambi referred to as an "On Golden Pond" hat -- an oversized sunhat more suited for casting flies than shagging them.

Tracy was returning from the Furry Scurry, an annual "race" with people and their dogs in Denver's Washington Park. Tracy competed with his beagle, Abbey, who turned 8 on Saturday. That's 56 in human years.

"It was a two-mile hike, and we get to that mile-and-three-quarters mark, and we're going along pretty good," the Rockies manager said. "All of a sudden, my leash started to get a little longer and there was all kinds of tension in it. I looked behind me and she was standing there looking at me. She quit. I had to carry her across the finish line. What a shame. She fell asleep while I was holding her, that's how tired she was."

Apparently, baseball is not the only sport in which a competitor can carry his teammates. Tracy said there were some 8,000 dogs participating in the annual event.

"I didn't know that many people in Denver woke up that early in the morning, No. 1, and I didn't know that they all had a dog," Tracy said. "I saw every breed, size, and shape."