Tracy opts not to weigh in on Petco changes

Tracy opts not to weigh in on Petco changes

SAN DIEGO -- Petco Park favors pitchers to an extreme, even to the point that Padres hitters become frustrated, and it's tough to attract hitters via free agency. There has even been talk about moving the outfield fences closer to home plate.

The Rockies, of course, play in such a hitter-friendly environment that the club began storing baseballs in a temperature- and atmosphere-controlled chamber, so they don't shrink and harden in the high desert climate. That has helped normalize the park to a degree.

But Rockies manager Jim Tracy refused to weigh in on any ideas for normalizing Petco by reducing the home run distance. Besides, his hands are full trying to help the Rockies even out their home and road hitting, which has been a problem throughout the history of the franchise.

"You go from here to Dodger Stadium, what's the difference?" Tracy said. "Is it a smaller ballpark? It plays very similar. From there, we're going to play a couple games in [San Francisco's] AT&T Park. You see any difference there? It's the same baseball.

"Rather than me weighing in on what an organization should do with their fences, it's more us being mindful that there are some adjustments we have to make collectively as far as our approach is concerned, or it's going to be a frustrating thing coming out on the road."