Pomeranz, Chatwood having growing pains

Pomeranz, Chatwood having growing pains

DENVER -- Not only are the Rockies' starting pitchers struggling, but two key young arms are going through their growing pains in Triple-A Colorado Springs as well.

Left-hander Drew Pomeranz, who was in the early-season starting rotation, has issued 10 walks in his last two starts, which covered 10 1/3 innings. He has yielded just one run, but Major League lineups are not so forgiving. Right-hander Tyler Chatwood, who started the year in the Rockies' bullpen, suffered a chest-muscle injury after being sent down, and is 0-2 with a 6.26 ERA, with 15 strikeouts and 11 walks.

Manager Jim Tracy said they have significant enough issues that it makes no sense to have them in the Majors, no matter how much the Rockies' staff is struggling.

"They're still working on it," Tracy said. "Even though it was just three innings, I was sitting in the ballpark [Thursday] at Security Service Field. Prior to that game, being suspended because of all that weather that was in the area, I saw Tyler Chatwood pitch three innings. I saw some things that, for me, they need to continue to be worked on.

"I still saw the fastball being sprayed around. If you bring that to the big leagues, you're going to go further backwards before you can go forward. In the case of Drew Pomeranz, we're working on cleaning up a delivery, and the walks ... What purpose would that serve?"