Outman apologizes for unintentional bump

Outman apologizes for unintentional bump

Outman apologizes for unintentional bump
ARLINGTON -- Rockies left-handed pitcher Josh Outman was mortified when he learned that many fans had the impression that he intentionally bumped manager Jim Tracy while being removed from Saturday's game against the Rangers.

Tracy removed Outman one out shy of the five innings he needed to qualify for a win with an eight-run lead in a game the Rockies won, 11-7, and Outman strode angrily off the mound. As Outman handed Tracy the ball, their shoulders brushed. It wasn't exactly a National Hockey League-level body check, but the way it looked on television left it open to interpretation.

To give Outman a chance for his first win of the year, Tracy had bent the 75-pitch limit that was set for starters when the rotation was reduced from five pitchers to four. But Outman faced six batters and had two runners on base when Tracy removed him. Outman said after the game he was mad at himself, and went to Tracy on Sunday after learning there was controversy over the incidental contact.

"I told him I didn't realize I had done it until somebody had mentioned it," Outman said. "I told him, 'I hope you know I didn't mean to do that. I had no reason to bump you on purpose.'

"He gave me a chance to get the win and I didn't execute. The only person I can be aggravated at is myself."

Tracy said, "I completely understood where he was at. I had no feelings about it yesterday at all. You know the path that you're taking to the mound, and you know the path that he took. He was just very, very upset at himself."

Outman ended up throwing 92 pitches, which means he will be monitored before the Rockies commit to him starting Wednesday at home against the Nationals. Outman played catch in the outfield on Sunday and didn't anticipate any problems. Tracy said Outman will start Wednesday as long as no problems occur. Outman will throw a bullpen session Monday at Coors Field.