Scutaro takes part in drills after beaning

Scutaro takes part in drills after beaning

Scutaro takes part in drills after beaning
DENVER -- Rockies second baseman Marco Scutaro, hit in the head by a 95 mph fastball from Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg on Monday night, participated in pregame activities before Tuesday night's game, but did not play.

Scutaro was hit by Strasburg's first pitch -- an intended sinker that went awry -- in the sixth inning.

It turned out to be the second time Scutaro has been hit in the head at 95 mph.

"In '09, Josh Beckett hit me during winter ball -- 95, too, same pitch, like this," Scutaro said.

Scutaro said he appreciated Strasburg showing concern for him from the mound.

After being hit, Scutaro said he was stunned for a few seconds and felt ringing in his ears. But he was able to stand and walk off the field without assistance. The Rockies were being cautious with him Tuesday.

"We would have been concerned if I had started feeling nauseous and throwing up and stuff like that," Scutaro said. "I didn't feel any of that, so I feel fine. But they said when you get hit in the head like that, later on you can start feeling things. But today is OK."

Scutaro (.276, 4 HR, 20 RBIs) had a long run at shortstop after Troy Tulowitzki left the lineup with a left leg injury, but recently has been playing second base because Jonathan Herrera has returned from injury. On Tuesday, Herrera started at shortstop and Chris Nelson played second base.