De La Rosa not due back until at least September

De La Rosa not due back until at least September

DENVER -- Rockies starting pitcher Jorge De La Rosa's projected return to the rotation has been pushed back to September at the earliest, according to general manager Dan O'Dowd, who gave the timetable in a conference call with season-ticket holders Wednesday.

De La Rosa has been recovering from Tommy John surgery following a season-ending injury to his left elbow in May 2011. Though he was initially expected to return to the club before the All-Star break, De La Rosa has had setbacks in his recovery and is currently receiving Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.

"You can take up to three," head athletic trainer Keith Dugger said. "We'll do the injections and do a diagnostic ultrasound after every injection, to see if there's new scarring or healing process going on. He's had two."

Following the most recent injection, which could be the last unless a third injection is deemed necessary, De La Rosa can expect two weeks without any baseball activity as he recovers from soreness associated with the acute inflammatory response to the injections. The injections help promote the development of scar tissue to aid in the healing process.

"My goal from Day 1, and it still is my goal, is to have him pitch this year," Dugger said. "Absolutely, it's realistic."