Belisle has support for All-Star selection

Belisle has support for All-Star selection

DENVER -- Rockies players made T-shirts campaigning for retired Cardinals manager Tony La Russa to add righty reliever Matt Belisle to the National League All-Star team as a manager's selection. The full team will be announced Sunday.

Belisle (3-2, 1.98 ERA in 39 appearances), primary setup man for closer Rafael Betancourt, was touched.

"I just get humbled by the teammates, friends and people that are behind me for something like that," Belisle said. "The position I'm at, the job that I do, it's tough to make an All-Star team. It's something that all players who step into the Major Leagues would love to be able to do, but I don't think about it all that much."

Belisle is part of a late-innings bullpen that has talent, but not as much opportunity because the starters have struggled. Also, folks who are around the club see Belisle as a quiet leader, free with information and encouragement.

The season has been difficult, but Belisle said blame and dissension haven't been issues.

"I can guarantee you that even through the struggles, that long stretch, the Miami road trip, that whole time, I think it brought us closer together," Belisle said. "We've talked about pulling together some team meetings and whatnot, but we haven't really needed to, because we're doing what we need to do every day the right way. The results just haven't come."