Tulo takes a step forward in bid to return

Tulo takes a step forward in bid to return

Tulo takes a step forward in bid to return
LOS ANGELES -- Rockies' shortstop Troy Tulowitzki tested his surgically-repaired left groin before Tuesday's game with the Dodgers in a workout that included 75 ground balls on the Dodger Stadium infield.

According to Rockies manager Jim Tracy, not all of those ground balls were right at the 27-year-old, as Tulowitzki also fielded balls to his left and right. Those quick steps into the hole and up the middle represent important steps in Tulowitzki's road back from an injury that has limited him to just 47 games this season: They forced Tulo to make repeated lateral movements, something that places stress on the groin.

"That's probably the most workload I've done in one day. Eeverything felt good," Tulowitzki said.

More importantly, he said everything still felt good on Wednesday, which has Tulowitzki on pace for what Tracy called a "ramped up" workout Friday.

Tulowitzki had arthroscopic surgery to remove scar tissue in his left groin in June, after re-aggravating the injury in a Triple-A rehab assignment at Colorado Springs. That experience has Tulowitzki being a little more careful this time around.

"Before, I think, if I had any problems I would try to fight through it. Now, I'm pretty honest with these guys," Tulowitzki said. "I don't want to back things up. It's already been a long year and there's no reason to carry this into the offseason."

While he's being cautious, Tulowitzki said his goal is to return this year and build chemistry with the young talent that has emerged in his absence, as the Rockies look to build into 2013.

"I want to get a chance to play with some of these young kids," Tulowitzki said. "To take the field with them, get familiar with them, and them get familiar with me heading into next season if they're going to be a part of the team."