Nelson improving his opposite-field awareness

Nelson improving his opposite-field awareness

DENVER -- Third baseman Chris Nelson has been doing better at hitting to right field, an opposite-field awareness that stems from a chat with hitting coach Carney Lansford last Wednesday.

Before a game that day with the Dodgers, when Nelson had three hits, two to right field, Lansford asked Nelson the type of hitter as far as average and home runs that Nelson thought he could be in a good year, playing regularly. Nelson's answer -- .320 with 15 home runs. To which, Lansford said he thought Nelson could hit 20 home runs playing in Coors Field and added an important detail.

"I said, 'The only way you're going to hit .300 is to use the whole field,'" Lansford said. "He's making a conscious effort now of letting the ball travel, using the whole field."

Nelson said he "got a little pull-conscious" before his chat with Lansford. On Saturday night, Nelson went 1-for-4 with a single to left. He hit three balls for outs to right field, including a line drive and a deep fly.

"Last night even though I didn't have the results I wanted, was a good game for me mentally to go over there and know I can still get hits," said Nelson, who entered Sunday hitting .275 with six homers in 236 at-bats. "You don't see pull hitters hitting .300. That's the biggest thing I got out of that conversation [with Lansford]."