Rockies pleased with Pacheco's hitting approach

Rockies pleased with Pacheco's hitting approach

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Rockies' Jordan Pacheco entered Monday's game against the Giants leading National League rookies with a .301 batting average and looking to bring power in the future.

Pacheco has played most of the season at third base and first base (where he started Monday) and has four home runs. Those positions traditionally have hitters with greater power, but the Rockies like his approach and are not pressing him to swing for the fences.

"Everybody in our organization knows that he's got very good fundamentals with his swing and stance," Rockies hitting coach Carney Lansford said. "Very little movement means fewer things can go wrong. He does a good job. He knows what kind of hitter he is.

"He's a line-drive hitter. He can hit some doubles and the occasional home run. Down the line there will be a little more as far as power goes. There are adjustments he can make with his stance and swing, which he has done. He can get a little stronger with his legs, because that's where power comes from, the legs."

Pacheco said Lansford has encouraged him to keep his approach simple this season, and he hopes to advance in the future.

"We're all trying to get better," Pacheco said. "I'm trying to be the best player I can possibly be. I'm going to take chances. I'm going to try different things. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. But I know I have a base and everybody here has a base of what they can do well. It's good to be able to fall back on that when things aren't going well."