Rutledge's glovework at shortstop 'Tulo-esque'

Rutledge's glovework at shortstop 'Tulo-esque'

DENVER -- Some day, Troy Tulowitzki will be back at shortstop in Coors Field. Until then, local physicists can thank rookie Josh Rutledge for keeping them busy explaining the dynamics of his "Tulo-esque" throws from short to first.

Rutledge covered some 70 feet between second and third Monday night, starting with a play deep in the hole at short with the D-backs' Justin Upton at the plate. Rutledge ran and lunged to his right, leaped toward third, and spun toward second in midair as he threw to first to nab Upton with a good pick from Matt McBride.

"Best game that he's played there," manager Jim Tracy said. "And that's not to say that some of the others that he's played haven't been very good, but definitely the best defensive game he's played at shortstop, no question about it."

In the sixth, Rutledge showed his range going the other way, digging a grounder out from behind second base, completing a full 360-degree spin on his feet and coming out of it firing to first as he fell toward right but instead stuck his landing to nail Jake Elmore with another good grab from McBride.

"[He was] Tulo-esque," Tracy said.