Rosario young and restless behind plate

Rosario young and restless behind plate

LOS ANGELES -- Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario insists he isn't tired, but he has earned a vacation. Saturday's game against the Dodgers was his 114th of the season.

More important, it was his 102nd game behind the plate. He is the fifth catcher since 1992 and the first since Russell Martin with the Dodgers in 2006 to catch in triple figures before his 24th birthday, which isn't until Feb. 23.

Rosario's .541 slugging percentage is second-highest for a catcher in Major League history, behind Mike Piazza's .561 in 1993. He has struggled defensively, with 20 passed balls, and this winter he will have drill work at the Rockies' training complex in the Dominican Republic and some action in the Dominican Winter League. But he has planned some down time, as well.

"I'm going to rest a couple of weeks, then going to [teammate] Carlos Gonzalez's wedding, then I'm going to rest for the rest of the month and start back in November," Rosario said. "I'll go to the academy for a week, because they have everything there that I need. It'll be pretty good. Then I'll go to winter ball.

"I'm not tired. Just a little sick because the weather has changed a lot. But I feel good."