Corpas and son 'Mac' happy to be back with Rox

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Manny Corpas' unforgettable 2007 season for the Rockies truly stuck with his young son, Manny Allan, or "Mac." Elbow problems led to surgery that cost Corpas the 2009 season, and his eventual departure from Colorado. But as far as Mac Corpas was concerned, his dad never left.

"When I signed with Texas in 2011, every time he wanted to go to the field, I said, 'No problem,' but he wanted to go wearing a Rockies hat or a T-shirt with 'Rockies' on it," Corpas said. "I said, 'No, you can't wear it.' He'd say, 'But I like the Rockies.' He was a little confused.

"Last year when I was with the Cubs, it was the same thing. He'd want to come to the clubhouse wearing a Rockies hat. This year, I asked him, 'Would you like for me to sign back with the Rockies?' Now he's so happy."

After going 0-2 with a 5.01 ERA in 48 relief appearances for the Cubs last season, Corpas, 30, re-signed with the Rockies on a Minor League contract. He and his wife, Amy, plus Mac and his baby sister, Elyana, continued to live in the Denver area as Corpas attempted to rebuild his career.

Believing that Corpas is at a time when he could be fully healthy and effective, the Rockies signed the right-hander to compete for a hybrid relief role, in which he can replace the starter and face one batter or pitch multiple innings.

Corpas said he felt healthy last year and even better this year. The sight of No. 60 in purple pinstripes might have fans dreaming of past glory, when Corpas took over for Brian Fuentes as closer for the latter part of the season and earned 19 saves, plus five more in the postseason. Corpas, for his part, said he is looking ahead.

"When I go to sleep, I go to sleep," Corpas said. "Everybody thinks I'm crazy, but for me that's in the past, 2007. I'm fine. I'm good. What I do is think of what I have to work on. It's not easy to make 2007 happen again.

"The fastball, I can't tell you how fast, but it's good. My sinker is good, my slider, I'm trying to get that back, and I'm getting closer."