MLB eyes Rockies-umps dispute

MLB eyes Rockies-umps dispute

DENVER -- Major League Baseball is looking into disciplinary action over confrontations between the umpires and several Colorado Rockies players in Monday night's 14-inning win over the San Francisco Giants, according to a published report.

Bob Watson, MLB's vice president of rules and on-field operations, on Tuesday told The Associated Press that the league is "serious" about possible punishment stemming from various instances of words being exchanged between Rockies players and umpires during and after the game.

According to on-field personnel, third-base umpire Derryl Cousins left the field promptly at the end of the game, as is the routine at Coors Field, but the other three umpires remained and engaged in some discussion with some of the players. With the home-plate celebration following the dramatic game-winning grand slam, their subsequent exit from the field was slowed down.

"It's very difficult to fully comment on it, because I was not completely aware of what was going on," Rockies manager Jim Tracy said Tuesday. "There was a [heck] of a lot of commotion back there behind home plate."

Part of what took place apparently involved the umpires alerting Troy Tulowitzki that he had inappropriately gone out to congratulate Ryan Spilborghs on his way home from third after Spilborghs' slam, rather than greeting him at the plate.

"When I heard Troy's name mentioned, I really believe that what they were suggesting there was simply that he was out in front of Ryan instead of waiting until Ryan came to touch home plate, and they said, 'Hey, you're not supposed to do that,'" Tracy said.

"As far as the extracurricular activity that was taking place back at the gate there, apparently there were some words exchanged," Tracy said. "As to exactly what those words were, I'm still working on getting to the bottom of that, because it's a two-way street -- what was said and what was said back. I'm still trying to find some of that stuff out."

According to The Denver Post, Rockies players said after the game that second-base umpire Bill Miller insulted Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba while Torrealba was on base late in the game. This came after both teams had already been complaining about the strike zone of home-plate umpire Angel Campos. The exchanges caught the attention of some of the fans, who booed vociferously as the umpires left the field.

Tracy emphasized that he had received no indication before Tuesday's game that there were possible suspensions looming but left the door open as to whether the Rockies would file a complaint of their own.

"I can't comment on that just from the standpoint that I don't have all the information in front of me," Tracy said. "I'd be making a comment on something that I'm not fully aware of exactly what took place."

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