Torrealba to be fined for flap with ump

Torrealba to be fined for flap with ump

DENVER -- The Rockies got resolution to the situation from the exchange between second-base umpire Bill Miller and catcher Yorvit Torrealba during and after Monday's 14-inning series-clinching victory over the Giants.

Manager Jim Tracy confirmed his earlier understanding with Bob Watson, MLB vice president for rules and on-field operations, that there would be no suspensions, either of umpires or players, but that Torrealba and Miller would both be fined.

"I sat with Yorvit yesterday afternoon," Tracy said. "Yorvit will be fined. There will be no suspension. I give Mr. Watson a tremendous amount of credit for the way he's handling this situation, both from the umpire's standpoint and our player's standpoint.

"As far as I'm concerned, as I talked to Torry yesterday, he gets the envelope with the amount, whatever that amount ends up being, you pay the fine, you send it in, and it's behind us. I don't want it hanging around here, and I don't want to be sitting here talking about it every day for three or four days in a row. As far as I'm concerned, the issue's done."

Tracy did not pursue what discipline would be dealt to Miller, who apparently started the exchange with Torrealba during the game, after watching Torrealba's dealings with home-plate umpire Angel Campos. Torrealba did not respond until after the game, but he did engage in the exchange of words once the game was over.

"I did not get into that," Tracy said of whether Miller was being fined. "I know he was going to do something on both ends. As far as I'm concerned, it's really none of my business. Bob is well aware of the circumstances and the magnitude of our season and what's going on right now. He's handling this as first class and as professional in getting his point across as you could ask somebody in his position to do. The issue is closed."

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