Tulo looking to return soon from calf injury

Tulo looking to return soon from calf injury

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki tested his injured left calf in the batting cage Saturday morning and said he expects to return soon. He wasn't in the lineup Saturday against the Angels.

Tulowitzki's calf, which was hit by a pitch from the D-backs' Wade Miley on Wednesday night, was not heavily wrapped when he went to the cage. He was still moving with ease after hitting, but said there is still some healing to do.

"It feels pretty good, just normal inflammation and bruises, so we're trying to get that inflammation and fluid out of there," said Tulowitzki, who did light running and fielding drills Friday. "Once that is done, I'll be back on the field.

"If I had a timetable, I know I'm not in there today, possibly tomorrow. If not tomorrow, I know we have an off-day [Tuesday], so coming off that off-day would be the day. If I was ready, I'd be in there, but I'm not ready yet."

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