LeMahieu shines at plate with runners on base

LeMahieu shines at plate with runners on base

DENVER -- Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu lights up when runners are on base. The closer to home, the better.

Regularly batting No. 8 in the lineup, LeMahieu carried a respectable .283 overall batting average into Tuesday night's game against the Giants.

With the bases empty, the batting average was just .258, although he had two doubles and a healthy .343 on-base percentage that kept innings alive.

But with men on, he was a .310 hitter with a .364 on-base percentage, two doubles and 10 RBIs. Put those runners in scoring position and his average zoomed to .471 with a .524 OBP and nine of his 10 RBIs.

"I would say that I don't hit a lot of home runs, so I've got to drive in runs other ways," LeMahieu said. "I've got to be good in those situations. It's the type of hitter I need to be. Every runner that's out there, I want that RBI."

LeMahieu said he doesn't believe hitting with bases empty is harder. It's just understanding the need to reach, even if by walk.

"You're trying to get on base, give those other guys opportunities, then try to cause havoc on the bases," he said.

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