Anderson stands by his tweets

CHICAGO -- Left-hander Brett Anderson stepped into Troy Tulowitzki's social media controversy, but said that he can take the heat.

Tulowitzki, on the East Coast for a procedure on his hip flexor to address the injury that has him on the disabled list, took time on Sunday to take in the Blue Jays-Yankees game in the Bronx and watch the soon-to-retire Derek Jeter.

Anderson quipped in a tweet on Sunday night:

After receiving angry reactions, Anderson followed up on Monday afternoon:

Anderson stands by his Twitter activity.

"I'm not afraid to express my opinion, and it's sarcastic," Anderson said. "Everybody has a guy that they idolize. If Jim Thome said, 'Jump,' I'd ask him how high. It's kind of a sarcastic kind of quip. Everybody who follows me on Twitter knows I'm kind of a sarcastic personality with it. I'd be more offended if people thought I didn't have a comment or a tweet about it.

"Everybody's got an idol. It happens to be a guy who's still playing, with all the rumors circulating and things like that. I thought it was kind of funny. If you follow me and my personality and see previous tweets, it wasn't malicious at all."

Many athletes, after making news with their tweets, either deactivate their Twitter accounts or stick to generic posts, either on their own accord or at the request of their team.

Don't expect Anderson to be one of them.

"It's not the worst tweet I've ever had. It's not the best tweet I've ever had," he said. "I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind. I wasn't offending anyone. It's my personality."

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