Aggressive Gonzalez on his way back

Aggressive Gonzalez on his way back

DENVER -- Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who suffered left hamstring tightness during Sunday's 4-2 victory over the Padres and had to leave the game, said Tuesday he felt fine as long as he didn't put too much stress on the leg.

"When I pull my leg up, it doesn't hurt," said Gonzalez, who took batting practice before Tuesday night's game with the Mets. "But when I have to push on the ground, that's when I feel it. It's not an awful pain, just a little weird feeling that you don't want to get worse."

Gonzalez said it's hard to have to sit. He was hitting .393, with hits in each of the first six games. Interestingly, he had no walks from the leadoff position. But he had just two strikeouts, so he was consistently getting strikes and putting them in play.

"If they throw me the ball around the plate, I know I'm going to make good contact," Gonzalez said. "I want to swing at good pitches, yet be patient at the same time. But if they are not going to be patient and try to get me early, I'm always going to be ready for those pitches.

"I know I have to walk. That's what a leadoff hitter does. But if they throw me the ball in the middle, I'm going to hit it and try to get a double, not only one base."