'No way': Smith in awe of friend Braden

'No way': Smith in awe of friend Braden

LOS ANGELES -- Rockies left-hander Greg Smith and Athletics lefty Dallas Braden became close during their time together with the A's in 2008, so much so that they needle one another.

After one successful day during Spring Training, Smith sent Braden a text: "Pickoffs: Greg Smith 3, Dallas Braden goose egg."

But Sunday, all Smith could come up with in a text to Braden was an almost-disbelieving "no way."

Braden threw a perfect game in a 4-0 victory over the Rays in Oakland. Let's say that gives Braden the ultimate parting shot.

"It's a running joke that he's just been living right for five years," Smith said. "They had a couple guys go down and he got an Opening Day start last year. He's just a guy in the right spot at the right time. But I can't do him one better on this one. I might as well not even try.

"He's a good guy to be around. He's always laughing, always having a good time. It's always fun for him."

Smith said he and Braden have fun when they communicate. They don't talk pitching.

"He's not the guy that's going to go out there and dissect a team," Smith said. "He's just going to throw strikes and get outs."